Why Scenting my Product

Why should I add scent to my product?

In 1984 Scent Marketing did not really exist, by 2012 it had grown well past the
30 Billion mark and it is projected to increase for some time to come.

“Of all your senses, the olfactory, your nose and the sense of smell are secondary only to visual
stimulation for sensory Importance. Scent is 75% more likely to affect ones emotions.  The olfactory
system (scent receptors in the nose) directly connected to the seat of human emotions, the limbic system
and the hippocampus (the memory center of the brain)"

Emotion and memory are key drivers of purchase behavior.

During the Sales Cycle, consumer are motivated by vision in 2006 84%, increased and expected
2020 54% of the time during the sales cycle.

Scent marketing is forecasted in 2006 1, 9% and to reach 20%+ in 2020 Scent triggers an automatic
emotional attachment to the visual and environmental stimuli.


DuraScent® creates the difference

• Cost effective, adding more value to your products.
• Brands can establish a longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers.
• The DuraScent® creating the competitive edge, a powerful branding.
• Diffusing your fragrance in your products can amplify your brand identity,

DuraScent® the smart solution

• There is no special tooling or equipment required to produce the scented solution additive.
• Added scent to your product is just more than a marketing appeal.
• All DuraScent fragrances are R.E.A.C.H. certified so they can be used globally with no special precautions.

Ready for Innovative Scenting Technology?

• The DuraScent® Series, additives and application are designed to be used without changing your standard process.
• Each series is specifically designed for your production environment:
a) Fabric coating.
b) Injection mold/extrusion.
c) Printing.

We are all you need to success

If you truly want to stand out and have your Product Branded with the newest scent technologies, DuraScent®LSG- series are the missing link.