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DuraScent® LSG-100

It is no longer good enough for manmade leather to look and feel like leather, but it has to SMELL like genuine leather. DuraScent®LSG-100 does just that, DuraScent leader in Scenting Technology

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DuraScent® LSG-200

DuraScent® LSG-200 is suitable for all kinds of liquid injection mold/extrusion applications, it allows for consistent and homogenous integration of scent during our fragrance application. DuraScent leader in Scenting Technology

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DuraScent® LSG-300

DuraScent® is a revolutionary process fragrance application that can fuse virtually any Scent onto almost any type of textile with constant, long-lasting and slow fragrance-release without having to scratch or to touch the scented surface, because DuraScent®LSG-300/302 emits the scent continuously.DuraScent leader in Scenting Technology.

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Home LSG400

DuraScent® LSG-400

Scratch and sniff technology involves treating an object with a micro-encapsulated fragrance coating.When the coating is scratched or touched, it releases the fragrance that you can smell. DuraScent leader in Scenting Technology

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Our History

  • 2000 - DuraScent® started as result of a drink project  for the Hooters Franchise.
  • 2001 - Patent Pending on Scented Wearing Apparel
  • 2006 - Patent granted and publicized.  Fed-Ex, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, JC Penny’s and Tesco
  • 2013 – “Greener" Water-Based Acrylic Inks add to Plastisol inks.
  • 2014 DuraScent® to include all substrates and forms of scent application.
  • 2015 – 2nd Patent Pending on a leather scent to artificial leather.
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About us


There is no better way to describe DuraScent®slowly release but surely securely

We are the originator of a unique scenting technology, DuraScent® which delivers long lasting and slow-releasing scent in a potpourri of resins, to create a quality of olfactory indulgence and to bring sensory marketing to a new level.

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For urgent information about DuraScent®LSG Series please contact smellme@durascent.com or call +1 214-717-5313

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