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About us

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We are the originator of a unique scenting technology, DuraScent® which delivers long lasting and slow-releasing scent in a potpourri of resins, to create a quality of olfactory indulgence and to bring sensory marketing to a new level. Our team strives to meet or exceed your expectations for quality, cost, delivery, and overall service including efficient communication with the highest level of confidentiality.

We empower manufacturing businesses like yours to take your products to the next creative level with our exciting patent-protected technology that can fuse virtually any scent onto or into almost any substrates, both during the production phase or after the product has been manufactured. DuraScent® LSG Series

As the leading supplier of scent application, we are the Industry trendsetter

Some of our features

DuraScent®, the quality and intensity

The DuraScent® family of fragrance oils, is in compliance with the cosmetic regulation as well as the manufacturers have attempted to bring scent to fabric coatings but without much success. To consumers, it is not good enough for products to look and feel like leather but smell like genuine leather. Recommendations of the IFRA and REACH.

It’s time to go to the next level

DuraScent® lets you breathe new life into your creative ideas .

It gives you a new sensory dimension to work with in the areas of product design and empowers you to expand your product lines both vertically and horizontally.

Ready for Innovative Scenting Technology?

The sense of smell is 10.000 times stronger than that of taste. DuraScent® is a process that can fuse virtually any Scent onto almost any product with long lasting results. DuraScent® is a patented process fragrance application.

Global Locations

We take pride in working closely with our customers to achieve optimum results for their products and strive to provide the best support for them. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact through our R&D on greener components for our solutions. We have offices in United States, Europe and Asia.
We are currently looking for distributors in different
regions. Please email to us. smellme@durascent.com

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