Hello to everyone interested in Durascent or anyone who wants an idea about the product and it's creator...Durascent is a versatile product that can be used in screen printing with an unlimited amount of applications.

Patrick Watson is a genius when it comes to scent and application technology. He has done extensive research on the matter. Mr. Watson came up with a way to reproduce any scent known to man and incorporate it to a graphic image...

My experience with Durascent has been fantastic to this date. I am currently producing 85000 garments for a major Canadian retailer. The feedback that I've been getting from my clients has been very positive, several of them have already repeated orders.

We are currently working on new ideas and concepts. Patrick has supported us every step of the way, from the printing to the marketing of our products. If you have any intention to work with scented graphics or applications, Durascent is the way to go.

There is no substitute and with Patrick on your side you can't go wrong.
If you have any questions about Durascent or Mr. Watson, I will gladly answer you...

The reason I would do this is because
Durascent has been good to me, and Patrick is a great guy who knows his stuff.

Sam Mashtoub, Consultant and producer